Statements for visa

Hi all need some help please. Will UKVI accept monzo bank statements ive been reading mixed posts. Some say its fine and some say dont risk it and go for high street bank. Ive only got monzo as my main account which i get paid etc. If someone has used monzo statements for a spouse visa please do let me know thank you

You can message in app and get stamped copies posted to you, really you need to be checking with the visa people to ask what they’ll realistically accept.

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Haha. You’ve clearly never had to deal with UK Visas and Immigration.

You don’t even really speak to them, most of the time they palm you off onto these robbing private companies who also don’t answer your questions.


So you don’t have an option since monzo is your main account, just submit the documents and if the caseworker has issues with monzo statement they will tell you

It would raise more questions if you suddenly switch to high Street bank and put money into it , and also you need last 6 months statements right ?

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Hi yes i need 6 months. I will request it on 1st week of november as I need from may-oct statements. I dont see why it should be an issue as monzo is a uk licensed bank.

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It isn’t an issue, plenty of people have done it in the past.

You can export them yourself from the app, but if you need them stamped a quick message in app chat is all that it takes.

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Appreciate the response couple more months and will request it via the app to be sent in post. Do you know how long they take to send 6 months wprth of bank statments? Last time i requested it did take a while.

They don’t need to be stamped. If there any concerns about the legitimacy of the statements they have ways of verifying the data with us.


I’ve used them, they were fine. As Dan says they didn’t need to be stamped.

Hi thats great. Did you need to supply cover letter from monzo?

I can’t remember actually but I don’t think so.

My strong advice is to supply exactly what it says in the current document, not more or less, and if struggling to understand it consider applying through a visa service. Ignore advice about what to submit online (including from me), it could be out of date, or people being too paranoid which can lead to too many or incorrect documents which can also cause rejections.


How long do they usually take to arrive in the post once they are requested?