Crashing Greenhouse Job Application

**Hi Monzo. Posting here as a disaster strategy. I’ve been trying to apply for the role ‘Writer, Fixed term contract’ via your internal system and the Greenhouse portal since yesterday afternoon. I keep uploading and reuploading my CV and tailored Cover Letter - but the system just crashes and spits me out. I’ve also sent these documents to your email address - but am feeling pretty glum at possibly missing out on the chance of applying to work at your company. Really hope I can get the application where it needs to go! :crossed_fingers: **


I googled “Monzo writer job”;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj8v8C_qIH-AhUURUEAHUKtCa4Qkd0GegQIDRAB#fpstate=tldetail&htivrt=jobs&htiq=monzo+writer+job&htidocid=3SWnwI55UjIAAAAAAAAAAA%3D%3D&sxsrf=APwXEddIijHch-BQy7Y9gqmzcV0BmZTuYg:1680098997581

Unless you’re very lucky a member of staff won’t see this, so you’ll need to use your initiative. Monzo are also very active on LinkedIn which may help you.

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Maybe try greenhouse support, it’s probably an issue with their site.

Try incognito or a different browser?
Different device and WiFi?

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I’ve flagged this with the hiring team - but have you tried a different browser?

I had a problem last night trying to upload my CV for an internal job, but eventually it worked!


Good luck, Dan!


Thanks gang!

I’ve already messaged @Jainslie earlier :+1: