Thinking about applying to work for Monzo (work from home customer service advisor) Looking for some info and answers!

Hey all! I’ve been looking for a change in career recently and Monzo caught my eye. At first glance on the website everything looks really good, sounds like a good place to work with loads of perks and benefits. Sounds kinda too good to be true? I had a few questions.

Firstly, targets. I see loads of people online (both former and current employees) say they set unrealistic targets and if you aren’t hitting them they won’t hesitate to let you go. Now this is a scary thought that I could potentially leave my job for Monzo, just to be let go if I wasn’t hitting targets.

  • What exactly is a target in the customer service dept?

  • How many are you expected to hit as a newbie and after probation?

  • Are they really unreasonable targets? And would they really let you go before your probation ended or even long after?

The last question kinda brings me to my next one. Is Monzo unionised? I seen online that Monzo staff where looking to form a union. Is this still happening or has it already happened? Would a union stop people being dismissed from there post due to not hitting targets for example?

People where also saying you are constantly being micromanaged and ‘watched’. Wth does ‘watched’ mean lol? Is the MacBook they provide you tracked? Can they see everything you do on it? If I where to happen to use it on my day off to quickly google something, would they be able to see this? Do I need to work with a webcam on so they can watch what you’re doing?

What is the shift patterns like? Work/life balance? The 2 jobs I seen advertised online where for Financial Health and Business Banking (any information on these 2 posts would be amazing btw), the working hours varied slightly but will still be working any day of the week. What are your days off like? Do you get 2 days off in a row? Do you work loads of weekends or is it 50/50?

Annual Leave and holiday entitlement. I read someone say you’ll struggle to get time off when you want it and you’ll end up using all your holidays on randoms days through out the year. How accurate does this sound? I’d be a little annoyed if I wasn’t able to get a couple weeks off in the summer especially if I had something booked well in advance.

Lastly, if I’m in the door a few months, maybe a year, is there any other departments I could transfer to that is Monday-Friday 9-5?

I think that’s all the questions I had, if I think of anything else I’ll edit them in. Any other advice or information would be great as well if there’s something you think I should know that I’ve not mentioned.

If this isn’t the correct place on this forum to post, please redirect me where I should post this to get some answers.

Thanks again, cheers!

@AlanDoe can this be closed as already discussed in another topic.