Thinking of applying to work for Monzo! Have a few questions (customer services)

Hey all! I’ve been looking for a change in career recently and Monzo caught my eye. At first glance on the website everything looks really good, sounds like a good place to work with loads of perks and benefits. Sounds kinda too good to be true? I had a few questions.

Firstly, targets. I see loads of people online (both former and current employees) say they set unrealistic targets and if you aren’t hitting them they won’t hesitate to let you go. Now this is a scary thought that I could potentially leave my job for Monzo, just to be let go if I wasn’t hitting targets.

  • What exactly is a target in the customer service dept?
  • How many are you expected to hit as a newbie and after probation?
  • Are they really unreasonable targets? And would they really let you go before your probation ended or even long after?

The last question kinda brings me to my next one. Is Monzo unionised? I seen online that Monzo staff where looking to form a union. Is this still happening or has it already happened? Would a union stop people being dismissed from there post due to not hitting targets for example?

People where also saying you are constantly being micromanaged and ‘watched’. Wth does ‘watched’ mean lol? Is the MacBook they provide you tracked? Can they see everything you do on it? If I where to happen to use it on my day off to quickly google something, would they be able to see this? Do I need to work with a webcam on so they can watch what you’re doing?

What is the shift patterns like? Work/life balance? The 2 jobs I seen advertised online where for Financial Health and Business Banking (any information on these 2 posts would be amazing btw), the working hours varied slightly but will still be working any day of the week. What are your days off like? Do you get 2 days off in a row? Do you work loads of weekends or is it 50/50?

Annual Leave and holiday entitlement. I read someone say you’ll struggle to get time off when you want it and you’ll end up using all your holidays on randoms days through out the year. How accurate does this sound? I’d be a little annoyed if I wasn’t able to get a couple weeks off in the summer especially if I had something booked well in advance.

Lastly, if I’m in the door a few months, maybe a year, is there any other departments I could transfer to that is Monday-Friday 9-5?

I think that’s all the questions I had, if I think of anything else I’ll edit them in. Any other advice or information would be great as well if there’s something you think I should know that I’ve not mentioned.

If this isn’t the correct place on this forum to post, please redirect me where I should post this to get some answers.

Thanks again, cheers!

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We’re all customers here so unlikely you’ll hear from many people about what it’s like to work for them and even less likely to hear specifics about the roles.

That said there are a few ex-Monzo folk and current employees here who might be able to share some general thoughts.

In terms of surveillance, all corporate IT everywhere in the world is monitored to some extent so you can’t just go and consume RSPCA content.

There was some past media coverage though that in customer operations your activity is monitored in 5-minute blocks and if you’re not active when you’re expected to work you get a talking to.

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Nobody current is going to comment on this and an ex-employees who experienced this are going to be very biased.

You posted this on Reddit too, that’s more likely to get you an answer than here.

Posting rumours and hinting that it’s a bad place to work on the company community forum is one of the worst attempts at being employed I’ve ever seen. This whole post sounds like you want to work there but not actually work, or to have targets. Good luck!


This is the dream.


I don’t think that’s a particularly fair assessment.

Some reviews from employees do paint a rather draconian working environment, and any reasonable person would be concerned if that might be the case at somewhere they’d love to work. They’re right to ask questions about it IMO. Somethings caused them concerning and they’re seeking clarity.

@Carlo1460’s shed some light on some of these concerns before in other threads, and I don’t think he had the issues that others have expressed, so his experience might be helpful for the OP here.

These are concerns I’d share directly with the employer during the hiring process though, and use how well they respond as a means to gauge compatibility. Perhaps from Monzo’s perspective, asking those questions and sharing those concerns is enough to cost you the job, but so be it. That’s part of what the hiring process is for; both parties to determine compatibility so you hire the best person for the job.


What I would say is, ignore the reviews online, while relatable to any business, it’s subjective to that person.

Targets are easily attained, wouldn’t stress about them.

I personally found the job too remote and the lack of social engagement in a team wasn’t for me, though others love it (my other half included - but we don’t talk about work :joy:).

I say go for it, only live once, there’s loads to see and do there and it’s a good insight to a fintech - very bold and bright, a lot of smart people and you learn a fair bit.

I much rather the slightly more corporate vibe, which again is variable between people you ask.

Good luck in your application.


In terms of scope of progression or movement, there’s loads of room for it after 6 months, not a lot of teams are strict 9-5 so would probably remove that from your aim here (unless it’s something wild like HR you aim for), COPs is variable, majority core 8-8 by memory.

Annual leave was easy booking, plenty of room if you plan ahead, never personally had an issue booking time out, you also get weekly hours for meetings etc so it’s not full 40 hours working time.

Using the MacBook was fine for personal use within reason ie music, Netflix, and so on in your time, never felt like I was watched constantly or monitored in a way I wasn’t free.

You could also use your breaks when you wanted excluding lunch which was fixed.

I only talk from 2022 and a bit may have changed since my days there.

Not a terrible place, just depends what you’re wanting from it.


I can answer that one from a customer perspective

Basically, you answer one question if you can, for any follow up questions, please feel free to ignore the customer until someone else takes over and asks you the same thing

In terms of replying to the customer within the stated 24 hours, just don’t bother, If you do have to, just repeat the same unhelpful script about being back within 24 hours


Why will no employee comment on the targets you have to hit or potentially be let go if you’re not hitting them?

I asked on Reddit yes, got no replies and one user commented saying to asked this forum.

Not too sure I’m posting rumours now am I? These are all comments made by both current and ex employees on glass door and other online platforms. As I said the job seemed good but I’d like to have some things cleared up before potentially leaving my current job. I think that’s a pretty fair reason to make such a post is it not?

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@N26throwaway thank you for the reply, I’ll try to dm that user. I didn’t think anything I asked was too out of line tbh but oh well. It was all stuff that I had seen on Glassdoor or else where. Thanks again!

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They’ve actually replied in the thread just below my post, which covers a lot of your queries!

Hopefully it’s helped you.


If you don’t hit targets at any job, you are at risk of losing your job. Anything you do on a work machine can be tracked.

They aren’t facts are they? What GlassDoor says is never to be trusted.

That’s what an interview is for.

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Targets are variable per department and it was chats per hour type target, not key presses per minute type KPIs.

It also averaged over a period of time, say week/month, not hour in each day.

Again, could’ve changed.

Nobody here can give away target metrics for a business, you’re not marked on the same as everyone else through probation or directly after probation, it’s gradual.

Don’t stress about what you don’t know, you’ll be fine.


Thank you so much for the well detailed reply! I may dm you later to ask a couple extra things haha! @Carlo1460

There’s nothing I am equipped to share by DM to what I’ve put here I’m afraid.

Just go for it if you’re keen to check out the fintech life.

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@Revels Do you work for Monzo? Or maybe as a Politician with the way you go around answering questions and replying to people? Robotic and generic. Thanks for your time anyway. I got pretty much all my questions answered from other helpful users. Have a nice day!

Good luck with your application.


:wave: Hey There, Glad to see you’re looking to join :partying_face:

I’m going to try and answer these the best I can without being told off? :hear_no_evil:

So, I started off as Financial Health the targets there are different to other arears such as our general customer service team (COps) who deal with typically quicker general queries, so depending on the complexity of the team you join you can expect these to fluctuate depending on what you’d be doing as some tasks take more time than others. I wouldn’t worry about hitting targets during probabtion or passing it as there’s a great training path you’re put on that nurtures you to reach those targets!

To add I have done Frontline, Financial Health and currently in Complaints. The targets for all I felt were achieveable and I’ve not really worried about meeting them, if you are ever missing targets there’s always support on hand. Monzo currently isnt officially unionised but we’re on the way there.

Regarding the watching part I’m not sure how much I can say but it’s not anything like they say it is or what it used to be from previous employees explanations and articles in the media. Shift patterns depend on your role so I can’t comment for every role but some roles let you set preferences and they try to meet these as specific as possible.

Annual Leave again depends on the role you’re in how many people are in that day and if there’s enough cover to let you go off like any job, I’ve never really had issues unless you’re looking for typical days such as summer, who doesnt want summer off like all jobs people like to get in early. If you decide you want to change roles at any point you can do, but of course there are requirements you need to meet like any job you can’t just do one role one week and change your mind the next.

Hope that answers everything <3


Thank you so much @_Tom for another tremendous and well detailed reply, greatly appreciated!

So, I see a couple roles online that I may apply for. 1 is the financial health and the other is the business banking. Does the business banking role fall under the cops category? Or are bother these roles cops positions?

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Cops - customer operations.

So anything involving customers, be it fraud, complaints, business, it’s all cops.


Does that make us ex green horsey cops? Though you werent frontline AFAIK

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