Trying to transfer money internationally


I have been trying to transfer money to Pakistan, however, every time I try, a message appears stating “an error has occurred.” How do I solve this issue?


Have a look here

Hey, yes I’ve been sending money in the past using this method but its suddenly stating that an error has occurred, please try again later. its been 3 days now… unsure of what to do

Unfortunately we’re all just customers here so if it goes beyond basic trouble shooting we can’t help much. You’ll need to speak to Monzo.

Go to the app, in the help section search for “contact” and then you can get in touch via the chat to see where the issue is.

If you’ve used Wise as mentioned in the article wouldn’t you be better asking them?

I assume the error is on their website and not in the Monzo app? I could be wrong as I’ve never done an international transfer, but that’s how the article reads.

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