Online Shopping Issue

This may be a problem for others but I cant find it any where else on the forum.

My wife ordered some clothing from an online retailer, Norton Barrie. Upon filling out the usual details, address credit card etc, once she submitted the order, it asked her to visit the Monzo App to approve the transaction.

Once she returned to the website it reset and asked for all her details again. She filled them out and subsequently received a further notification to return to the Monzo app and confirm the transaction.

Meanwhile the company charged her again for a second transaction. All this time there was no confirmation of the order in her email and once again the website requested all her details again.

Similarly I had a problem when paying for a bridge toll via the bridge companies website yesterday.

Something is not triggering the vendors website to see that the payment has been made and complete the order.

I now have to phone the vendor tomorrow to get to the bottom of this as she shows two debit transactions with the likelihood that no orders were ever made.

Those transactions will most likely not complete and will be released after 7 days. You can get them released immediately if you contact Monzo and explain the situation.

Thanks for the reply,
However is this to do with the length of time it takes to go into the monzo App and approve?

If I ordered it with my Barclaycard Im sure this prob would not have happened.

I would say this is a case for the in-app chat as they will be able to view the transactions in question.


Were you shopping on the same device? Could be that it’s due to switching to the Monzo app to approve the transaction that was messing it up, which you don’t have to do with any other card as you receive the code via SMS so no need to switch apps.

If this was on a different device and you didn’t need to leave the original app/website then it’s not a Monzo issue - as far as the rest of the process is concerned the Monzo 3DS flow is just like any other card.


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