Changing phone

I’ve changed my phone but have kept the same number, as of this my new phone it will not let me log in and says my number is registered to another phone

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Sounds like you’re trying to sign up instead of log in

Are you sure you’re using the right email address? And downloaded the app from the App Store instead of a cloud moving of your app if you’re on an iPhone ?


Yep, I just used Quick Start to copy everything from my old iPhone to the new one and then, when I ran the Monzo app, it just said it needed to email me a new ‘magic’ URL.

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Changed my phone a couple of months ago! Logged out of Monzo on my old one and downloaded Monzo onto my new phone,received the magic link and logged in. Two minute job and zero hassle.

It’s zero hassle as long as you press the right button.

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True ! :wink: