Fixed: After upgrading to iPhone 11 Monzo app is asking me to register for an account!

I am an existing customer and when I upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro yesterday Monzo app is asking me to register for an account! I have entered my email but receive nothing back (not surprising cos I already have an account) I am not sure if this bug is something to do with registering my Monzo card with Apple Pay because I did that yesterday as well.

Does your initial screen on loading the app look like this? I had to wait a few second for the log in option to come up:

This might be because you restored the app from an iCloud back up. Try deleting and reinstalling from the the App Store.


Have you had any luck here? You should still get an email through when you log in as you’ll get a link to sign in to your account :thinking:

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions but still no luck and no email from Monzo with a link. I have emailed

Hi Richard & a belated welcome to the forum :wave:

It may be worth running through some common trials at this stage while you wait for Monzo to reply;

Are you definitely 100 per cent using the same email address that you used when you signed up for Monzo?

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Sorry you’ve not been able to get any further so far :pensive:

Could you try requesting a new log in email through the Monzo app and then could you try checking your emails from your phone’s web browser instead of the email app? For some reason that seems to push through the emails some times! Also, obvious I’m sure, but have you double checked in your spam/junk folder just in case? :crossed_fingers:

My bad it was going straight into my Junk Mail. Thanks everyone for ur assistance.


Good to hear you’re able to access Monzo again!