Problem with Payit

Hi I’ve used the payit option to make a payment to my Aqua card. I’ve used it loads of times and never had a problem. I sent money 2 hours ago and it still hasn’t been received, its normally received instantly. I’ve contacted Aqua they have said to contact Monzo, but as usual Monzo chat are taking forever! its £375 so a lot of money for me. Is anyone else having problems?

What is payit?

From googling Payit is a service provided by Natwest? Have you spoke with them?

It is a payment system run by Natwest, I’ve used it loads of time to pay credit cards

Yes I’ve spoken to them as because I’m not a natwest customer they cant help me

I used it yesterday for possibly new day card and it was fine

It can take a couple of hours

It seems like the holdup is with Payit then,

If neither Monzo or your Aqua account are reporting anything then no instructions have gone out to either.

They provide the service that cards can use to pull payments from banks.

Something something open banking


Oh I see. It’s odd that they won’t speak to the OP if they’re using their service :confused:

What’s the advantage of using a service like this over say a regular bank transfer if you own both accounts.

I mean not really. It would be like demanding starling customer services sort out a problem with someone they provide banking as a service for.

The transaction is between the card and the bank, NatWest just provide the pretty code

they wont talk to me because I don’t have any account numbers or anything for Natwest. I access the system via the aqua app.
I don’t know what to do

All you can do is wait for the payment to go through or Monzo to get back to you.

Does your feed show the payment?

Have you had a notification in the Monzo app that the money has been sent?

yes its showing in my feed and my balance that the money has left my account

Oh I see. Someone has to have some visibility of what’s going on though. If it’s a service that Aqua use and provide for their customers you’d think they’d have access to look.

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I’ve rung aqua and they said they can’t see the payment and Monzo still haven’t got back to me and its been 2 hours so far

So you’re just waiting for Aquas systems to register it. Monzo sent the money, all Monzo can do is tell you the money went to where you wanted it to go.

It can take a few hours. Sometimes with me it increases the available to spend figure but doesn’t update the balance or amount due for a day or so

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it normally shows in my available balance straight away, and then clears the next day

Payments aren’t always instant, regardless of what you’ve experienced before. I believe most financial organisations tend to say wait 2 to 3 working days for payments to land.

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not great as I need to use the card by 1:30 today and need the funds to show as available