My experience with Natwest

(Punit Mannari) #1

I have always had Lloyd’s as my main account…but now I have given my employers monzo details as this will be my main account.

I opened an account with NatWest on the 7th of July…had to do all my passport verification etc and finally my account was opened on the 13th of July. Had an email saying will receive card in the next 3-5 working days. 3 days in I called them before the deadline and they said I should receive the card any day as its sent…
5 days gone…I called them again and I have mentioned that I did not receive my card and they checked and said it’s not been despatched yet and they will issue me the card and will be with me within 3 working days…
Again waited the more days. No card…
Called again and they said it funny how it’s still not despatched…she kept me on hold and said there is a problem and my card will be sent to me and it will be fast tracked.
3 days later still no card… called them again…there is no trace of my card being ordered again…I made it clear that I have given my employers the details for NatWest and I will need the card as I have waited long enough and my pay will be going into the account in 3 days time.
Guess what…3 days later still no card…it was a nightmare I could only transfer 250 pounds a day to monzo online because I need a pin machine with NatWest if I want to transfer more than 250 a day…but it’s no good with no card in the first place.
Then day later I called again and had a right a proper go…saying I was unable to use my wages and can only transfer 250 every 24hr to use my wages…
They are still saying it’s an error in the system…and every time they order me a card it gets cancelled in the system the following day and no was of overriding the procedure…they said best to put a complaint in and I should receive me card…till today…no sign of card yet…
Account is working fine tho…money goes in and out. Thinking of closing my NatWest tomorrow…

(Change Works) #2

Well done for persevering this long!

(Jack) #3

Use the CASS service to close it into Monzo. All funds and further payments to the account will be forward.

Sounds like a nightmare!
How long have you had Monzo?

(Punit Mannari) #4

I have given my employers details of monzo account on weekends…so my pay will be in monzo on the 28th.
I even order the card reader on the 13 of July…no sign of that either.
Been with Monzo since the 3rd week of July

(Punit Mannari) #5

Never knew if I use the CASS service it will transfer my inbound payments as well…
I will still keep my Lloyd’s account for cash and cheque deposits and then I can always move money to monzo

(Jack) #6

Yep it sure does. Read more here:

Monzo will love you forever more haha

(Punit Mannari) #7

But will there be a delay in inbound payments?

(Jack) #8

Good question, not that I’ve been made aware of or noticed myself.

(Punit Mannari) #9

Yeha so I am looking forward to getting my wages into monzo at the end of the month…
Also the contactless with Monzo is instant…so better eye on budget

(Gordon Dack) #10

I did my switch after my pay date and after all the DD’s had gone out seeing as they all go out within a couple of days after pay date. I initiated the switch and no issues, I took the care of updating my employer just after the pay went into my previous account with my Monzo bank details, the rest was handled by CASS

Quick and easy and now on month 3 of full Monzo :slight_smile:

(Michael) #12

If you have any Natwest rewards, cash them out pre-switch and wait for the transfer into your account before completing CASS. I withdrew during the CASS process and NatWest refused to help as my account was already closed. They also refused to budge on the monthly fee i had for insurance / rewards that they charged me for twice the day my account closed :frowning_face:


I would raise a complaint for that poor service if I’m honest.

(Punit Mannari) #14

I have done that, as well as a complaint that my card has not arrived. Done it last week. Every time I call them they say that there is an error on the system and can not attach my card…
So what Am I suppose to have a account with no card? Makes no sense…
They still have not sent me any letter reg the complaint

(Michael) #15

Took about 6 weeks for me to get a response from them, even then it was the most useless letter I ever received.

I first joined them for a savings account, but in branch & online banking couldn’t access the savings account without without a current account so I had to sign up to that…

(Peter Roberts) #16

Close the account, voting with your feet so to speak. The easiest way will be with CASS :wink:

(Stephen Brinda) #17

Wow…the joys of legacy banks…brings back memories when I used NatWest. Horrible service, but monzo was not around then so I was stuck. Monzo for me was the easiest, stressless bank I ever joined. Love the instant notifications.

I ain’t moving :grin:

(Punit Mannari) #18

With all the added features on monzo it makes me want to save more money as well…
First wages will come in at end of this month…as I am full monzo now


You can find out the Monzo CEO’s view on Natwest at 4min33secs into this talk from 2016:

(Jack) #20

That’s great haven’t seen that video before.


He is lucky he was banking with NatWest and not with HSBC :joy:

Although if he was banking with HSBC, I feel he would’ve started Monzo few years earlier! :rofl::rofl: