Locked Out Account Phone Number Changed

Hello, I have an account already. But recently changed my phone number, dont think my Monzo account details where up to date. When I try to login to my account on my new phone which i got yesterday the system asks for my phone number after asking for my email. When I add my number, and get the code the system says unable to find that number.

How do I get back in to my account if the phone number on file is incorrect?

Call the number on the back of your card or email help@monzo.com

It sounds like you’re using the wrong email to login if it’s asking to register a phone number.


Thanks BethS, I tap login and then it asks for my email, I put that in, get the email, click on the button, it opens the app, asks for my phone number and when I add it in it sends a code, I add the code and it says cant find that number…?


Wonder if there’s an issue as that’s 2 tonight who say they definitely chose log in and it seems to be asking for a phone number

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This has been for a few days now! :frowning: I will try some other email addresses but I am pretty I have the right email address!

Other thread has just discovered they were using the wrong email

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Search your emails and double check. When sign in does not recognise the email it moves you onto sign up - or at least it used to.

I’ve fallen foul of this before. It has to be the email you originally signed up with.