Problem sending money

Is anyone else having an issue transferring money out of Monzo?

I just changed my phone a few days ago so not sure if it is because of that.

Also, no response from Monzo Help chat for over 5 hours now

Hi Daniel.

I don’t seem to be experiencing any issues.

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What happens? What error do you get?

Hi Daniel & welcome :wave:

Are you trying to transfer an amount which is more than the daily limit? For outbound bank transfers, the daily limit is £10,000 (according to the limits on my :monzo: Joint & Personal accounts)

Thank you all. I finally got a response from Monzo help. The problem seems to be changing to new phone.

I have to go through security check like a new account. I think because I used iphone transfer, which transfer all my stuff from old phone to new phone including passwords and passcodes, this may have caused the problem.


Ah, yes - the icloud restore issue - it makes sense now, thanks for the update.