Prepaid card still sends decline notifications after upgrade


After successfully upgrading my account it seems like the prepaid card is still somewhat active as it’s sending decline notifications to my current account, even asking me to contact support to unblock the card:

I think you should amend the notification to be more of a reminder to update your card details with that merchant (to use your new shiny CA card) and remove the prompt to contact support to unblock the card. :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #2

I mean this is expected behaviour and has been discussed here:

(Tom ) #3

This also caught me out. Have suggested if possible that the message changes to “Your prepaid card has closed - update payment details!”. It’s likely to be recurring payments online.


I had this today - I was bit surprised to see a declined notification but quickly realised this was to do with the Prepaid card.


Nice to see they updated the message :+1: