Card Declined in Waitrose

My card was declined twice in Waitrose both pin and contactless despite having sufficient funds on it, it worked perfectly abroad. Is this just Waitrose?

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Since no one’s reported issues using their cards at Waitrose until now, I’m guessing that this was an isolated incident. There was an outage yesterday too. So I’d recommend contacting the support team via the in-app chat, to ask them what went wrong here.

It would be great to hear their explanation :raised_hands:


You also don’t clarify if you mean a prepaid card or the new current account card. It may be helpful to mention which in any future posts.

I’ve had this sometimes, mostly at petrol stations. Usually the events don’t show up in the feed which leads me to believe it’s an issue with the POS machines just having issues with prepaid cards? If you keep trying it will go through…!

Can confirm that various Waitroses I’ve used accept both monzo prepaid and current account cards contactlessly. Chip n pin… however you want to do it!

As mentioned perhaps this was during monzo’s processor outage yesterday afternoon? Could also just be a dodgy terminal that is not taking any contactless from any cards. If it happens again maybe drop a message to support - maybe they can find out what went wrong with all the details to hand? :slight_smile:


@rarther is right, with one more reason - offline terminals. This is particularly common with unmanned petrol stations, but I guess any shop can have connection problems and maybe then it’s trying to make offline transaction? Prepaid Monzo only allows for online only payments (with few exceptions like TfL and in-flight purchases, though last one is not always working).

Current Accounts and debit card will allow for offline purchases:

Edit: I got few more details from @RichardR, he explained that offline payments are still being tweaked and tested. Current CA cards that we have has better acceptance than the prepaid card but may still have issues.


Thank you for all the suggestions. I will try again now I know it’s unlikely to be Waitrose. Sounds like it could be a number of things. It’s a pre-paid card.

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Unfortunatley it is not isolated as monzo have now announced on the app, yesterday my card was declined in M&S i did think well the card is in beta as they said and maybe that is why but now am aware they are investigating some issues

Interesting, thank you.

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