Upgrading when you have a preview account is an awful user experience

UPDATE: Resolved :slight_smile:
So I started another thread in chat and that one was picked up quickly (under 30 mins).
Still slight issue with my app but it’s no biggy. Explanation in image IMG_2539

Loved the prepaid card. Loved the current account preview also… but once they stopped the preview app working its turned into an awful experience. Re verification when I’ve already been through it / blocking my contactless payments on my prepaid card before I did the upgrade (and repeatedly failing to explain what was going on properly / making the preview app suddenly stop working / then leaving me with a blue screen minus text when I everntjally completed the upgrade and then failing responding to my chat requests for help (as yet still no reply). It’s all saying to me that Monzo is just turning into yet another non customer focused bank except worse because when the app doesn’t work you can’t do anything and you have to take to twitter to even get some kind of response!
I was an early adopter. Evangelized about Monzo to everyone. Handed out golden tickets. It’s turning out to be *ing useless and massive disapointment. Glad I didn’t win a place in the lottery to be investor.

I was a CA preview user, I upgraded as soon as I had the option to. Everything went fine. Two other people I know had the same experience

So whilst it sucks that you went through all that it at least is hopefully not something that happens too often :slightly_smiling_face:


I was a CA preview user, I upgraded as soon as I had the option to. Everything went fine.


This one sentence raises flags for me. IIRC Monzo have said that they’ll be stopping the prepaid cards in April (so, end of March at the earliest?) for any customers who haven’t upgraded. It’s still Februrary, so that can’t be why your card was blocked.

This makes me think there’s some other problem that has caused your contactless to be blocked, and that you’ve assumed it’s blocked because they’re forcing you to upgrade and so tried to do so in order to fix it, but that your problems upgrading may be down to the fact there’s a different root problem that needs to be fixed, and it not being fixed is why your upgrade hasn’t worked.

In terms of having to do the verification again, this is because they have Know Your Customer regulations to adhere to.

If you still haven’t had any replies to your chat requests, it may be worth emailing help@monzo.com in case there’s a problem chat-wise with your account too.


Not simple at all in my situation - try to get through the upgrade process when the passport you had used In the original upgrade process has expired and you don’t have a driving license!

Sure the happy path scenarios always work but sometimes tou need to consider the unhappy path.

It’s also tiring having to repeat the full story to Monzo support over and over again…and it didn’t help that the first two people I spoke to didn’t know the preview account upgrade route.

Also I’m still seeing a blank blue screen and Monzo chat still haven’t replied after 24 hours.

It’s just turned out to be far from the experience I had expected. I’ll report back once Chat decide to get back to me.


I know you’re being helpful but why should I have to contact another source for (help@monzo.com) when I have they haven’t replied to thte messages I have sent in app chat?

Re the contactless blocked card - it took two separate attempts with chat to get a resolution to that. When I say resolution, they couldn’t actually resolve it but they thought that if I changed my pin at a cash point it might work again…I never got to find out as turning the preview app off forced me to upgrade using the replacement driving licence that I had to get just to be able to do the upgrade.

Maybe the chat’s not working since the app is stuck on a blue screen? Might be worth emailing as @HoldenCarver suggested :arrow_up:, or even phoning.

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Do you want to fix the issue or not? I know it’s not ideal but if you can’t get through to the team via the in-app chat, sending an email or a DM on Twitter is the best solution. The support team don’t just ignore messages either though :thinking:

Do support threads stay assigned to a single CS rep? My partner started manual verification last week but CS has gone silent on it :frowning:

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I’ve seen them passed around

In my experience, several agents can sometimes deal with a single ticket. I’d recommend your partner sends another message to bump the ticket, occasionally unread messages get missed.


My advice is ‘start a new thread’!
That what I did and my msg which had gone unanswered for over 24 hours was picked up on the new thread within 30 mins. Hope that helps.

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Okay will do that, thanks!

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Hey @Ruinedstate it looks like everything’s fixed for you now.

But let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

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Yes thanks - I edited my original post last night to reflect this.

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This is a manual process and is taking some time - please bear with us :pray:

They can always contact us if they feel the need.

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  1. Who is “she” - the cat’s mother?
  2. It’s already resolved as I’ve said repeatedly on the thread!.
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@BethS was not replying to you :yum:


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