Premium Payment Date

There should be an option for premium users to adjust their payment date. It’s incredibly common for people to align their bills to pay day, mine is stuck on 15th and it drives me nuts.

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Also the ability to pay it from a pot, like the rest of my bills, would be great :slight_smile:

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Cancel it and then resubscribe on your chosen date.

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Means 1/2 a month without insurances etc

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I think I’m about to do this.

Not sure if anybody here would know but I assume I’d have to send my metal card back and then they’d send me a new one when I resubscribe?

I’ve no problems with the one I have (it is filthy because it’s been in a wallet but I rarely get it out) so replacing it seems a waste of time/resources.

I don’t really want to pester support with non critical queries but I may have to :neutral_face:

When I cancelled Plus I received an immediate refund for the rest of the month, so just cancel the day before then resubscribe.


Or you can do what I do…

Since it’s taken on the same date every month, just set a scheduled deposit and a scheduled withdrawal to/from your bills pot.

Not ideal but a lot less faff!


Honestly if this were technically possible I’d be all over this feature! I imagine it would be way too complicated to figure out though. To the point where I think we’d have more luck trying to get legislation created to compell companies to allow people to choose a payment date lol.

I have a couple of payments that come out on or around payday. Because payday varies with weekends/holidays and so do some DDs, but by different rules, I have no way to know at the start of each month. This makes the bills potentially estimate unreliable. I am still flabbergasted that in 2024 there are companies who haven’t added the option to change the bill date.