Scheduled Payment Rescheduled

Hello folks,

My employer rather annoyingly paid me 2 days late this month which meant 3 of my DD’s due on 28th went missed (joy!)
I have today been paid so went online & paid each of the outstanding amounts (it was my loan, sky & o2 for context).
I’ve noticed though, the scheduled payments page on my app has these 3 DD’s with the amounts due to be paid tomorrow. I know merchants try again in a time period which is fine, i just wanted to clear them ASAP.

I guess my question is, do you know if these scheduled payments will be taken? Meaning i pay each bill twice. Dont know if it’s worth cancelling them, then redoing them on 2nd but it just seems such a ball ache haha. I appreciate i probably need to contact the each merchant direct?

Any help welcomed :smiley:

Yes, you’ll need to do this. It’s possible it will be taken again, or not. If the former, you’ll get it back I would think.

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