Outgoings on same day every month

Unsure how this would work, but I am sure the geniuses at Monzo could make it happen! Is there a way whereby we can set an “outgoings” day and all of your Direct Debits/subscriptions leave your account on the same day? Preferably pay day so you know that from then on, anything you spend isn’t a surprise?!

Or, if this isn’t possible, can anyone recommend a way I can manage this using Monzo that already exists?

Thank you!

No because it’s the company you pay who set the pay date. Some you can contact and say what day you’d like it taken

Set up a bills pot and set a scheduled payment to add money to that pot on pay day.

You can’t pay card payments from a bills pot but you can at direct debits



And to add on to the second point, I’ve set up recurring withdrawals from my bills pot to line up with the card payments, so I still put the right amount in the bills pot, and then DDs are taken automatically, and the withdrawals cover the rest.

As above, bills posts probably does what you need. That’s how I have mine set up and many others too.

Just to add, if you have something like Netflix that you want to be dealt with in a similar way, you can set it to come out of the pot and back into your account on the same day to your balance remains the same.

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I’m more low tech then that

I put the money in the pot and manually take it out when I see it’s been paid from my main account

I probably should set it up but it’s only 3 payments a month

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Haha yeah I don’t think I have too many (maybe 4?) but just got fed up of doing it manually one day and set them up

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No need. Vast majority of companies let you set the date the DD is taken, just align it with pay day or just after.

It would ultimately be down to you to contact all the company’s you pay by DD.
Then ask them to set the new date that suited you.
Or consider payments via SO if they except them although your better protected under DD Guarantee if things go wrong.

If you’re paid monthly the left to spend figure will be exactly that - your wages minus all the DDs and regular payments, so you always know how much it’s safe to spend. It’s a pity that feature was never improved for people on different payment schedules.

I do the same - where possible arranged for DDs and SOs to come out at the beginning of the month, but there’s always some that can’t move including big ones like my mortgage payment.