Amex billing date



Wondering if anyone in the community can help on this one. I have the BA PP and the Platinum Charge Amex cards but both have different billing cycles and I’d like them to be the same.

Anyone with an Amex know if you can do this through the site rather than having to speak to Amex directly? As lovely as they usually are I prefer the self serve option.

I’ve had a look around the site but can’t seem to find anything anywhere.

Any guidance massively appreciated.


(Dan Mullen) #2

I looked for a billing date change facility just a couple of days ago on the Amex site and couldn’t find one. Pretty sure you need to call them.

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Same. I’ve been looking around it’s irritating because you can do most things there. One bill date is the 15th and one is the 4th.

I’ll give them a call or live chat tomorrow probably :pensive:.



Live chat is the way to do it, only takes 5 minutes

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(Harry) #5

Unfortunately no self service but their customer service is awesome, either give them a call or use the live chat. I changed mine a month or so back and it took probably five minutes. :blush:

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Got it all sorted had to call though live chat wouldn’t work properly. It’s a hit and a miss on the iPad.

Thanks everyone for your help :hugs: