Power of Attorney

Hi, I want to set a Monzo account up for my daughter, who although she is an adult needs helps managing her finances. We would both need to be able to access her account on different mobiles.
I already have a Monzo account in my name.
I’d ideally like to set her up an account and apply the lasting power of attorney that I already have, so that she can manage independently, but I can still see an manage on her behalf if needed using my phone.
Is this possible?

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Here at Monzo we accept LPA for Property and Financial Affairs, if you 'd like some more information I’d recommend to reach out via the app or email help@monzo.com to enquire about getting the process started. :smile:


There was also this list which gave a specific email address for this kind of thing:

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Monzo will accept your lasting power of attorney but this isn’t possible with Monzo I’m afraid:

If one was on Android and the other on iOS, that would work wouldn’t it?

But you wouldn’t be able to view your own and your daughters on the same device.

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Don’t bother with Monzo for PoA.

I’ve moved my parents accounts away from Mozno as it was impossible for me to manage. Everything had to be done via chat and it took days to do anything with the going back and forth.

I’m now using NatWest for that. I have my own NatWest account and their accounts just show as if it was mine. Able to do everything via the app that you can do for your own account (cards, pins, statements etc) and if I call/go in to branch, it just shows as one of my accounts.

If Monzo ever change and show additional accounts within the app, I might have a rethink but NatWest really have done a good job with it.


Well, it is kind of, if one person has android and the other has iOS, BUT she can’t be logged in to both accounts at the same time

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