Setting up joint account. Other person has no mobile

I’d like to set up a joint account with my old mum (94). She can’t use a mobile phone. (I have LPA.)

Will it be possible?

Unfortunately not. Monzo is a mobile bank, and so your mum will need to have an account with Monzo before going to setting up a joint account.


Ok. Many thanks

This is not really what a joint account is for, there are better accounts that you can use an app for, that your mother doesn’t have to

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@Lymp Presumably as its mum’s money and you have Property and Financial Affairs LPA a joint account would be best?

That way your mum retains some ownership and visibility of the account while allowing you to make transactions.

If that’s the case, Monzo isn’t going to be suitable if your mum can’t use a phone.

Presumably she already has a bank account so it’s probably best to speak directly to them about what arrangements are possible for managing someone’s finances with a LPA. It’s very likely that you would be able to have access via an app while your mum can stick to paper statements each month or whatever she’s most comfortable with.

My dad had LPA for my stepmum. I’m not sure if Virgin Money gave him a card and cheque book for her account or whether it was converted to a joint account but it was quite easily arranged in branch.


I assume you know that the LPA has to be registered with the bank before you can act upon it. It’s not enough just to have the LPA registered at the Office of the public Guardian . When I did it with the Co-op it took two weeks for it to be registered at the bank before I could get access to the funds in my mums account.


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