Account with Power of Attorney

Trying to create an account for a family member where i would need POA due to them not being able to communicate to allow them access to monies allowing them to be independant. but also be able to ensure monies are not miss used etc. Monzo have a great platform but am surprised that this isnt an option currently.

spoke to customer services, very helpful and will raise it further.


This post might help you, Monzo probably isn’t the best option for this type of account for the reasons mentioned in this post;


I’d be happy to discuss this over the DM or phone if this is possible?

I don’t work for Monzo, but Natalie who Dan tagged above, she does. And she was online only an hour ago. So hopefully she’ll see it and come to help you soon.


I think this will more than likely get picked up next week now.

The post @Revels linked to by @Danclarke is still up to date information as far as I’m aware though.


Sorry I’m confused so who works for Monzo that will help. Is this Dan? or Natalie?

A little Monzo badge besides someone’s profile (if you click their username) denotes a staff member.

Natalie is a staff member, and I’m just a customer. The Dan in the post linked to above was a staff member, the info he posted is still relevant though.

Natalie or one of her team should come back to you next week, as far as I’m aware :+1:t2:.


Thank you. Sorry new to this community. You’ve been very helpful - thank you.


No problem, I hope everything works out :blush:

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Hi @MDuckett! Thanks for visiting the forum and raising this. And thanks everyone for stepping in to support here whilst you waited for someone from Monzo to respond.

Whilst much of the information in the post from @Danclarke in 2018 still stands, we’ve updated our processes since then and we’ve got an email address where you can raise this request directly with our specialist team.

If you’re not talking to them already, you can email We can chat about your circumstances and whether our service would work for you from there.

Hope that helps, and have a great week!