🔜 Pots - Sort Order

I still can’t believe after all this time that this didn’t make it into the new layout currently in Labs.

I like this. Kinda like your phone home screen, but your different pots.

For some reason, my Bills pot has now moved above my Joint Account card on the summary screen! This isn’t normal is it?

Nope and you’re not the only one. Been mentioned as a bug in the new UI thread.


Thank you - I hadn’t seen that!

So they’re turning it on for everyone next week. Even though it’s still a bit buggy. :thinking:

Well, I’d say I’m surprised except I’m not :man_shrugging:t3:

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See here:

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Having worked for a high street bank for 17 years and only being a monzo account holder for just over a month, I am overwhelmed at the level of service and the app is just unbelievable!
Love the Bill’s pit facility and will be switching after the 1st to become full monzo!
One tiny little criticism, is that I would love to be able to reorder my pots. I have quite a few and would like them in a certain order (locked at the bottom eg) pedantic I know but would be sure to help others too!
Let me know if it can be something to be looked into please.


HI :wave:

Reordering pots has been discussed as something they’re planning to look at in the future

Welcome Sarah! :wave:

This has to be near the top now? Its one of the highest voted for…

I’m a lot more interested in this now that I’ve invented a couple of additional pots (for Bills) and the savings minimum has come down from £500.


Is there any update on this? I’d like to see manual sorting, sort alphabetically, and sort by locked status.

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Hey I’ve noticed you can’t rearrange the order of pots in the app. I created a new pot for bills which I’d like at the front of the pot list but I now have to scroll through them all. Suggestion would be to allow them to be rearranged?

Hi Alex. @Codf beat me to it, but this is an existing and popular idea, so you have been merged into this thread. Add your vote above


Please do this soon especially now bill pots are a thing!



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But also… has this been mentioned anywhere else?

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