✅ Moving saving pot order?

With the newly released ISAs, is there a way to move around your pots to change the order of them.

For example:

I have a pot where I put my money for a travel card so when I put money in it I don’t need to check up on it. Whereas the new ISA pot, I want to see daily and add amounts etc etc. Let me know if I’m being simple and there is a way to do this.

(I’m on IOS)

There’s presently no method to change the ordering of pots, although the assumption is that the change to the vertical display model will mean this will be available at some point.

Yeah I have the Vertical Display model for my pots.

However would be good to have some way of changing the order of most important to not important but need to keep an eye on.

Yes its all in one page and you can scroll down but would you have your main account balance at the bottom for example. No because it is a figure you refer to on a daily basis.

Hope this makes sense?


This is a much requested feature which you can vote for here:

NB: it might be worth searching the Feedback & Ideas section of the forum before posting your own idea so duplicate topics can be avoided.

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Fab Thanks, I did a search however the things that came up were moving one pot to another :smiley:

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