Pots - Sort Order

(Daniel O Williams) #82

Looks like my post has been merged into this. Will have a look at the beginning of the thread.

(danae) #83

I would also like to reorder pots! And the limit of 10 is really tricky when my husband and I are trying to do envelope-style budgeting in our joint account.

(MikeF) #84

The limit has been 20 for a while I think.

(Arafath Miah) #85

I was trying to find a way to sort the pots and came here without finding anything. If a method will be added, I would be fantastic!


TIL that you still can’t set the order of pots!


The new accounts tab is rolling out slowly from today, I don’t know if it addresses this issue.

(Peter Shillito) #88

oooh is it? Gonna keep an eye out for that then…


+1 for sort order. I doubt the new accounts screen will have this but the new layout makes it a more obvious thing to implement in the (hopefully) near future.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #90

The new screen sadly doesn’t but it certainly makes it easier to see and navigate your pots. This should hopefully keep everyone appeased until sorting comes :slight_smile:

(Daniel O Williams) #91

Still waiting for custom images.

(Kieran) #92

Add custom images to your Pots :soon:

(CD) #93

Just came here to check if re-ordering/sorting pots order is ever going to happen… I use pots a lot and it would be such a massive improvement to the experience!

(Lee Dickerson) #94

Have you seen that this is now available for IOS? :smiley:


Posted this on another thread - but just adding it in here too:

I would really love to see this. I really thought when the new account tab was shown this would be one of the features.

On iOS this could be done (on the upcoming account tab redesign it would work better) by either long press, then drag up or down to reorder, or using 3D Touch on supported models rather than long press.