We've turned on voting for Feedback/Ideas


Is there any easy way by which we can view the threads with the most votes?

My initial feedback would be it’s too convoluted to vote and find the topics we can vote on.

There’s a recent “iPad App” topic, and you need to scroll through 3 years of posts to get back to the top - It’s not a lot TBH, but generally I’d avoid the topics which get resurrected after more than a year.

Like @nathanthomson8 said, if there was a better way to see what had been voted on, and how many votes had been cast etc, it would be better.


I’ve searched for a few topics, that works.

Also view ‘Latest’ then reorder by Activity or Views helps bubble a few up as well.

I’ll second the ask for a ‘Votes’ column there!

I like the idea as it can show what the forum as a collective are interested in. But it looks like it is just resurrecting threads that have been on the way out for some time. My “latest” is 3 or 4 threads that started in 2017 and have only had 1 or 2 comments every month or so.

If you go into the feedback category, there is a vote option at the top to sort by.


Currently leading with 34 votes is

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I’ve browsed by “latest” since day 1 pretty much. This has been perfect for me (and a lot of others I’ve spoken to).

If all of a sudden we have a load of threads with “ideas” in, that may have been discussed at length in other threads, it’s going to get very boring, very quickly.

90% of people don’t seem to know about the “search” option…


Or click the title of the topic for it to scroll back to the top auto-magically :crystal_ball:

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:astonished: didn’t actually know this was there. Normally I just click on the date on the right nav bar to scroll back to the top.

My point was that by the time you get to the bottom of the thread, unless you know about voting, there is no indication at the end to say its even possible. Especially if the threads load up in the last read position.

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The trouble with the voting plugin is that when you click into really long threads ,the default is to load the last read post, to vote one has to scroll back to the top.

The second issue is that votes are technically for the first comment in the thread, what about ideas that evolve within the thread? This will cause a lot of confusion for the product team as to what exactly users are supporting / backing.

Also from experience, activating the voting plugin is going create a situation where you will be held hostage to ideas regardless of how much you tell the community that nothing is garanteed. Which is difficult to explain out of especially if suggestions don’t fit with the strategic vision or might simply be impossible due to infrustructure, legislation or third party limitations.

From experience on our own community this is a sure fire way to breed resentment for the way you opportunity score ideas and suggestions…

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The problem is the votes are available for threads which already existed so it’s a bit confusing.

For new threads, if another idea evolves mid way through then the thread can just be split to avoid confusion.


I’d hope that a highly voted thread would be consumed in its entirety by whatever ‘analyst’ then takes it to be part of the product. Surely?

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Stop writing really long comments then and we won’t need to scroll as much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Vote for this

Accordion comments!

Vote for everyone putting their comments into accordions to keep replies short, resulting in less scrolling.

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Not sure if you’ve noticed a trend on this forum, but threads can have a tendency to go off on tangents that even mathematicians can’t figure out. Start by saying ‘I want a metal card’ and then be a discussion of if biodegradable cheese cards are a good idea. In that case it’s hard to know from just the votes what people want. Splitting it if it’s spotted early enough is just easier for vote threads :woman_shrugging:


If you split that into its own topic you’d certainly get my vote! :hushed:


Of course.

FYI I ran this exact kinda of thing in a previous job, we toyed with Voting but as per others comments, there is a feeling of a need to ‘commit’ to the top voted 1/2 items every [insert timeframe] or people stop bothering.

And sure the threads go off on a tangent, but that’s why business analysts exist, to pull together requirements for the development team to tackle? (HIRE ME!! LOL)

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Maybe its not the best example but I’m not sure how thats a tangent…
Metal cards are nice… Cheese is nice… the idea just makes sense really…

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Thought I would link to this previous post I brought up a few months ago, as a result of the comments we have gotten rid of the voting plugin on our discourse community and its helped our product team massively. Don’t make the same mistake we did Monzo. @cookywook

Out of interest, how has it helped?


First off, we are no longer held hostage by ideas and submissions posted to our community that receive a large number of votes, sometimes an idea is just not feasible or it doesn’t meet our strategic vision. Users tend to get very passionate when ideas that have fewer votes make it to the roadmap ahead of other ideas. This is often very difficult to justify in an open forum and we are continually having to put out fires all over the community, when users see this happening they often lose faith that we are even listening.

The reality is that you don’t need votes to see when something is in high demand or just makes sense for your product. the idea and the discussion around it is enough and it also doesn’t set an expectation that if you vote we will build.