Pots - Sort Order

Is there a way to sort the order your pots are displayed in?


Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here to show support for this improvement :slight_smile:


So glad to see this getting lots of votes :grinning: (yeah I know it’s no guarantee of anything happening but I can hope! :blush:)

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Hi, is there any way I can move the pots around so my most used pots appear first, or I can choose the order in which they appear?

Currently, they only appear in order of creation which is really inconvenient at times.

It would be great to be able to choose that some pots are at the back of the queue/out of site, whilst others are right up front and easy to access regularly without endless scrolling.

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Sadly not :upside_down_face:

looks like this is coming soon :tada:


Anther here who’d line to be able to amend pots order


Looks like this might be coming down the line as part of Monzo v3:

A health warning though: it’s just a concept at the moment and Monzo hasn’t started development. So if it’s coming it might be a while…

I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t be too far down the line :crossed_fingers::blush:


Being able to change the vertical order the pots appear in the accounts tab would be a nice addition. I set aside money for each week in advance, but occasionally I create pots in the wrong order and it would be nice to reorder them so that weekly pots are in chronological order etc


I’d really appreciate this too, I’d like to be able to sort mine a certain way.


I’d like to add my voice to the clamour surrounding pot re-ordering - I signed up just to suggest this and found I was beaten to it!

Make sure you click “Vote” at the very top! (not that I think it makes much difference, mind, but it’s worth a shot!)

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For folk that haven’t seen the We’re Working On a New Look App thread:

Looks like this is on the radar (but only after they fix the new look - which will probably take some time)


Allowing to reorder pots within each account isn’t difficult to do. We built the new aggregated accounts api to support reordering. And we already have designs on how this could look in the apps. It’s definitely not a priority but can be a nice bit of polish once the new design has been releasd to everyone and we’ve fixed most other issues.

Customising the entire list of accounts/pots/cards/loans etc in the new design would be really nice. But that’s not in the cards for now.


I hope it’s not too far down the line :slightly_frowning_face: would be so useful for people like me who have a lot of pots and want certain ones to be more/less prominent. It’s one of the features I’ve been wanting most since switching to Monzo last year and using pots to help turn my financial health around!


I too, would like to see this feature.
I had created all of my pots in the exact order I wanted to see them… Unfortunately whenever money goes into my account they are reordered in no particular way (and this upsets me as I had them perfect).

Any ability to do this would be amazing :blush:

I would love to see this feature implemented. :smiley:

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I’m glad to see so many people are asking for this feature! I understand it’s not exactly a priority but it would be really handy, especially because the one pot I use many times in the same day is at the bottom of the list! it’s so annoying even if I only have 4 pots, I can’t imagine how it is with 10 pots as some people have.


As i’ve started to add more and more pots I now realise why this has become such a popular request. It really would be useful to reorder the pots to an order that makes sense to each customer.

Monzo have confirmed it’s not difficult to add this feature to iOS so hopefully we won’t have too long to wait.