Move exact amounts between accounts

It would be really helpful to be able to move exact amounts from pots into my current account. Currently It will only allow 10, 15, 20 etc, it would be really helpful to be able to move pounds and pennies.


I believe iOS got this yesterday, update your app and close and reopen it.


It’s coming just wait for an update I think it’s already availble for people on Testflight

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If you tap on the figure, between the + and - you can edit the amount to anything you want. Agreed, it’s not immediately obvious, I only found it by accident!

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yeh i just noticed that as well… think i will start clearing out the pennies last thing at night or first thing in the morning to my pot… well until monzo can do this automagically

I think it should use the interface when making a payment (which shows £0.00 and then you input the number manually) rather than the old style top-up interface. As you say, it’s not immediately clear you can edit the figure.

I’m sure it will get improved upon.


Yep, a little guerilla user testing would have flushed this out. I had no clue I could txfr pence as well as single pounds.

As @ASKendrew says above use the blinking cursor and £0.00 from Payments to make the target more obviously tappable.

However, in defence of the UX/UI team I am sure they are flat out on lots of stuff and are hitting MVP targets.

Personally I’d much prefer Monzo launching regularly and tweaking rather than big ta-da moments every 6 months.

Iterate, iterate, etc

It looks like when I want to Add to or Remove from a pot an amount including pennies (a non-integer amount) I am blocked by an error message reading: ‘There was a problem - must be greater than 0’.
I have tried either way with below an above £1, different amounts of pennies.

How can I confirm this is a bug?

I’d love to be able to put precise values into my account and into my pots
I might only need £7.86 or might not have exactly £10 available…
Likewise, if I could move whatever amount was leftover in my Monzo to my Pot it would really help with savings
E.G I have budget of £30, at the end of the week I have £3.62 left. I want to be able to move that to my pot.

At least put a vertical slider so you can slide up/down to change exact value
Then left/right will continue to change 5,10,20…


Try tapping on the number and typing in the amount you want to pay into the pot. :slight_smile:


As @JamesA60 said, if you tap the number you can customise it.

You can also deposit custom amounts into your account using Faster Payments :+1:

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But this doesn’t work when topping up your Monzo card (forget about pots)
I can appreciate a minimum
But still would prefer to be able to put £15.53 if. i need to

But you can top up your card by using the faster payment system in your account :slight_smile:


Yes but you can’t do this when topping up your Monzo account
There’s no way to put exact values in