Pots, Rules, Direct Debits priority

Good afternoon fellow Monzonauts,

TLDR - Rules for pots may take a while, requesting a direct debit pot until rules are ready, hope to get loads of likes for people who want the same, and hopefully it will get prioritised, for a very close to the next best thing option.

I know there is a bunch of stuff that we all wish would appear tomorrow. But I would like to bring the attention to one - dedicated direct debits pot.

Firstly congratulations and big thanks you for the Monzo team for releasing of Pots before the end of last year, it’s evident that it has already been helpful for users.

I was hoping to ask for a Direct Debits only pot; a pot that all direct debits are paid from. I am aware that ‘rules for pots’ is something that will be coming soon, but UNTIL THEN I would pay a developer in hugs to have an ‘on/off’ option to have either ‘on - activate direct debits pot and have all direct debits taken from this pot’ or ‘off - direct debits are taken as normal’.

The pot itself can be a static, none customisable pot that can either be on or off. (for now)

If I’m not the only one who wants rules for pots mainly for direct debits this could be a great temporary solution until rules is fully developed and for those who would rather hold out until rules is developed, then it’s no real difference to them.

If we make enough noise (positive noise), we might get someones attention! :grin:

Cheers and happy Monday



This would be useful to me if it could access my overdraft if needed. If it doesn’t do that, then I’m not interested


This! At the moment I have a phone reminder the day before every DD/SO to move money into main account. Works but is a bit of hassle really

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I doubt we’ll get it implemented before the rules feature. I can see rules feature being rolled out with the only rule to just pay DDs from pots, but not on/off as you are saying. It’s just not a great way to prioritise features.

So I’d say just wait patiently for rules :smiley: It’s my most anticipated feature as well, so I’d love to see it sooner rather than later, but gotta be realistic here.

Hi @doutatsu, I from my understanding Monzo are experimenting with rules that can detect your pay and move it to an assigned pot, take a portion of money from A and move it to B and certain bills from certain pots (like you said). So alot more than just paying one direct debit from a variety of pots.
…I could be wrong though, I’m sure i read it here on the forum. I’ll look for some links.

The on/off feature is just so users and opt in and opt out. At this stage a DD only pot until rules arrive would still be awesome.

Appreciate the feedback

This sir is a good point, a point that also raises the question what would happen when rules is introduced, same logic would apply, right? If you have a rule for a pot and the pot is empty it would bounce and not go into overdraft… hmmm :thinking:

It seems like the current implementation of pots and overdrafts don’t gel well together :frowning:. Looking forward to seeing how this gets improved in future :+1:

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I would like to see rules for pots whereby I can set a rule for a specific merchant and pot.

My use case is:

I want to set aside the approximate cost of a TFL capped contactless weekly travelcard in a pot. Then when ‘Transport for London’ request the payment each day from my Monzo card, I’d like the charge to be taken from the pot I’ve created rather than my main balance.

This way I can ensure I don’t spend the money I have set aside and I don’t have to keep manually withdrawing from the pot each day!


In the event you default I think TFL will blacklist your Monzo card and you’ll have to sort that out. Can someone correct me if I’m wrong?

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This has happened to me before and you just log into your TFL account and resubmit the payment, it’s quick and easy to do.

Anyway I’d ensure I have the cost of a monthly travelcard in my pot so this didn’t happen.

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Hi Kara, I’m pretty sure what you want with the rules for pots is something that Monzo are thinking about and is feasible will implement (as per other threads in this forum).
My request is instead of waiting till that is polished off and deployed to apps, could a simpler version of a dedicated direct debits pot be made first, no doubt the dev team will have to create that anyway to then introduce rules on top of it.

We can hope and pray! It makes managing money a different type of sport!

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For pots I’d like to see some automation, something similar to the rounding option the tsb do whereby they round up every purchase and drop the difference into a savings account, I think monzo could do the same and also at the end of every day round your main account down to £xx.00 and put the pennies saved into a pot… small steps to making me a millionaire…

I didn’t care for pots (hate that name) when it was first mentioned but now I have it I want, no, I demand changes :joy_cat:

I get paid 21st and will always have money left over, I want that money to be moved over to a ‘savings pot’ so my balance is what I just got paid and then I want from that all my bills to be auto moved to a ‘bills pot’ then bills auto paid from that pot and so I am left with a final pub spend fund then next month it does the same.

Obviously the 21st might be a weekend so if that is the case I get paid the Friday before so there would have to be a tag in place.

Anyway that is what i demand so make it so Monzo.


Just converted my account over recently, logged into the community to look for this idea specifically. Well, with an addendum. Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

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From my understanding this capability is on the horizon, pots have been so useful, I can’t wait for a fully polished product, i would love for incremental features for pots to be released, if this was an option what would you like to see first?

With you on that one, from a n00bs perspective they are similar, but if we was given the opportunity to have small features released which could you survive with and without, rules with Direct Debits or Standing orders?

I believe there are lots of great little plans coming with pots though, Monzo have been scheming on this for a while.

Just to pick up on this quickly, I created a poll here so that the team can see which features users want the most, which will hopefully help them prioritise. Please do vote if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

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Given that TFL transactions go through even if you don’t have the funds, I don’t think you can default on one of their payments. The worst that can happen is to not have 10p for the initial check when touching in, at which point you’ll need to add money and wait some time for their cache to clear (it’s station-wide from what I remember) before you can try again and it’ll authorise and let you in.

legend as always @alexs cheers.


Joined the community just to see if someone had asked for this feature and was not disappointed :smiley:

It just makes much more sense to me to be able to put money in a special pot that your direct debits and standing orders will be paid from, covering your financial commitments for the month, so you know what’s in your current account is yours to spend or save into another pot.

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