Is Monzo working on the widely requested feature of direct debits debiting from pots?

Hi Monzo,

Title says it all really. Many people are requesting the ability to assign direct debits to debit from pots rather than the ‘main account’.

I love Monzo and I am a crowdfunding investor however with Monzo looking to build the future state bank that suits everyone and a transparent way of working I have been quite dissapointed on the transparency of the work done in this area.

I can’t see it on the roadmap and the responses to users asking about this feature are very generic.

I understand getting a timeline most likely won’t be possible but it would be good to know that this is something they are working on and it will be available at some point.

If someone can give me this clarity that would be great!

Thanks all and to be clear this is the only downside of Monzo I have seen so far. Loving it as a whole👍



So the last I remember seeing on this topic was that the feature is in staff testing…

…but that it was likely to be rebuilt again in a different form before it got to us. So good news / bad news really :smile:

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I’m really keen to see this feature too but for now I have set up automatic additions and withdrawals from a pot which gives me a pretty good indication of what my balance after bills is but it’s not perfect if a debit falls on a weekend.

Thanks guys and apologies for my spelling in the topic title😅

I know that it’s possible to just withdraw from the pot into your main account when a direct debit is due but that causes a lot more hassle as any changes to the direct debits themselves mean the setting for the manual withdrawal will need to change.

Think we would all agree it’s a massive win for Monzo when they release this feature👍

This would be the topic to keep an eye on. It’s where the committed spending pots feature is being discussed:


It’s quite hard to keep track of the topic linked above. Giving that it’s not only about this specific feature.

This functionality seems to have been in testing for a long time now and again it’s not a case of when it will be delivered it’s the fact that they have been really tight on whether it is still being developed or not. I would have thought it would have been released or communicated now if it had been in testing all this time…

I thought it may have been included in Monzo plus which is why they have have been holding back any communications on it but it appears to not be included in Mono plus.

Does anyone have anymore information on this? I can’t explain how much of a difference this would make for myself and my friends!

Unfortunately the only places you’ll see anything on the forum is that thread or if it gets implemented a blog post/ thread about it being brought in.

It might still be in testing because all the kinks and bugs haven’t been ironed out yet or it might not work in the best way for the end goal - hence why we haven’t heard much more than what we have.

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