Moving Direct Debit to Pot


I have recently signed up to a Plus account and would like to move the £5 direct debit to my ‘bills’ pot.

Please could someone advise on how I do this? I cannot find the instruction anywhere!

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As far as I know, you can’t, but Monzo might let you do that eventually.

Hmmmm, OK. That is a shame as one of the main reason I love Monzo is so I can move DD’s and SO’s to pots. A bit ironic given their own direct debits cannot be moved!

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It’s not a direct debit, I suspect it’s set up in some other way like Monzo to Monzo payments and that’s why it can’t be moved (yet)

Ah OK, that makes more sense.

Thanks for your help :relaxed:

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To counteract it, you can set a scheduled payment to come from the pot into your account on the day/day before so it sort of does the same thing.

Ahh, that is a good idea! I shall do that :relaxed:

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