Pots on web.monzo.com

Here’s my situation:

My phone has died and so I’ve needed to order a new one. This has made me go overdrawn and I can’t withdraw money from my savings pot to stop myself being charged daily until my new phone arrives in 10 working days :-1:

I understand it might be difficult for 3rd party savings providers but Monzos own pots should at least be covered in here?

I think if you contact support they can move money from a pot for you

That brings me onto my next suggestion (all be it an old one)

Do I dare give phone support a try, first time for everything right? :grimacing:


Do it!

But they’ll just tell you to email as they’ll need a selfie

Ahh I might just do that instead then - saves me having to wait until my partner gets back from work so I can use her phone…

Edit: Just realised I’d need to use her phone to take a selfie too :see_no_evil: Damn it’s difficult when you don’t have a phone :laughing: You won’t believe how many websites I can’t log into because of 2FA and I really struggled to authorise payment for my new phone too.

Can’t you just sign into Monzo on her phone……

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Oh yeah good idea. I’d need to setup my email on there too and sign her out of her own account but probably quicker than support would be.

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Or could she transfer you some money to fix your overdrawn issue until you get your new phone?

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I’ll try that too :crossed_fingers:

This place is helpful - 5 stars.


Monzo broke your phone and are now withholding your money as it’s the only way they can become profitable :eyes:

Oh wait, no, this is the wrong conspiracy theory for this thread.


Yes - try it. Perhaps we also need a phone support experiences thread. I’d be interested to hear various people’s experiences with phone support other than the usual for cut off after 20 minutes!

This is why I’ve decided I need a spare phone/tablet which never leaves home so can’t be lost. It’s basically just my backup authenticator.

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This is why I have a spare older iPhone in my desk drawer, hope you get it sorted OP.

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I might be wrong but I believe we can close a pot to transfer money into your main account, but we can’t specifically transfer X out.


Ah, that’s good to know! but for my situation I wouldn’t want my entire pot closing.

I’m sorted now :slight_smile: I went with door #3 which was getting my partner to transfer the money into my account until my new phone arrives.

I’m just counting down the days until delivery date on Tuesday because not having a phone is hard work :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t be able to work without my phone because without phone, no VPN access 🤦


Yep I’ve got that problem, and all my 2FA codes to name a few.

I think it’s just the screen that has gone so I’m going to look into getting a micro USB to HDMI cable to see if I can get it on my monitor/TV :crossed_fingers:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:

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