Lost my iPhone & so now what?

So I lost my phone abroad. What other ways apart from running to an ATM can I see my balance or transfer some funds to my Monzo?

I’ve got an old Android in the meantime but the app isn’t compatible with it. I’m stuck in a pickle so would appreciate some advice!

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Last week web.monzo.com was launched. All you need is to enter your email and you’ll be sent a magic link. Transfer funds the usual way by bank transfer


It’s almost like this was fate!


Hi there,

Relatively new to Monzo, so excuse me if this is posted in the wrong place!

I lost my phone as well, and used web.monzo.com (great timing for launch, and very useful), but does anyone know if there is any chance of a feature that will allow withdrawals from pots into your main account via the web log in? I’m just a bit stuck unless I log into my Monzo account on someone else phone.

Not in a time scale that will be any use to you, but I don’t remember anyone ruling this out from ever happening.

I thought Id seen somewhere if you got in touch with Monzo they could transfer from pots into your CA after ID verification - either by phone number on back of card or private message them

  • @cookywook may be able to confirm this or tell you Im talking rubbish :slight_smile: ???