I've left my mobile at home today

(Dean) #1

I’ve stupidly left my phone at home today and was due to move some spending money over from one of the pots. Is there anyway to move the money from one of my pots without my mobile? I have no idea if I have enough money in my main pot to buy lunch etc.




Are you setup on ifttt? You could make an email trigger to grab some money from one of your pots for exact times like this?


Also email help@monzo.com if you are not setup, I’m sure they could assist moving from pot to account if this is really urgent!

(Dean) #3

Thanks for the reply. I just suddenly thought I can transfer money from my savings which is with another bank and that will go into the main pot and repay it when I get my phone tonight.

It would be useful to have some basic web based functionability such as seeing account balances and moving money from pots though.




You can see your balance and freeze card on this page here, its designed for if youve lost your card & phone!

(Dean) #5

Ah I didn’t know that. Thanks for that, that’s useful.


Sadly you can’t move money from pots using Monzo Web (yet), so I’m not sure how helpful it would be for @deanh87’s current situation.


I guess it will help him check his balance, and see whats in pots, to then drop help@monzo.com an email if really needs help moving so, or know how much to send over from his external savings account :smiley:
Hopefully gave him a bit less stress today :slight_smile:

(Peter Roberts) #8

You can move money into and out of pots using the API too


Good shout !

(Colin Robinson) #10

Get a mate with Monzo.me to top up your account to cover lunch?