Pots - 'Fallback' Option

(Luke Nokes) #1

Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it is a duplicate or being addressed elsewhere that I have not seen.

I recently ran into an issue with a savings Pot I created whereby I overestimated how much I could move into it to leave me enough for the month. Luck would have it that I ended up out and about and my phone ran out of battery so I had no money in my main account and all in my Pot. Without my phone - no way to move it back in to be able to spend.

I thought it would be great to have an option for each pot to set it up as a ‘Fallback’ if you wish, so that if you spent from an empty main account it could automatically move the amount of money needed from the Pot.


(Nick) #2

Other than interest, this is the only thing I really want from pots.


or do like bunq do and have 2 PIN on the card and link the secondary PIN to one of the pots

(Johnny Ellwood) #4

Could you have used web.monzo.com?
That is a secondary access to your account for emergencies. Although if you were out and about you wouldn’t have access online…

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

not sure the web access gives you any ability to move money in your account , does it ? just balance latest transactions and freeze card ? :slight_smile:

(Luke Nokes) #6

Actually I did try that using my girlfriends phone, before realising I’d stored my password in LastPass which is protected by 2FA. Yep… I failed big time and was totally goosed, haha!

(Nick) #7

I think even if you could move money via the web interface, there is still a use case for this if you have an unexpected debit and don’t have (or can’t get) an overdraft.