Pots not showing in ifttt

Hi all

Any idea why I cant see pots in ifttt? I have a joint account and suspect this might have something to do with it?!?

Joint accounts don’t work with IFTTT :slightly_frowning_face:

…at this point. It’s the number one request for the reported reboot of IFTTT integration with Monzo - so I’m hopeful that it’ll be available with JA’s :soon:

After the announcement the other day it is looking promising. Which is great news after how long it has been with no updates :partying_face:


I can’t wait.

  • Kitchen lights flashing red every time Mrs.W spends on her JA card
  • International Space Station overhead flyby pot top-up
  • Geo-locate & freeze card when near Selfridges (only kidding)

Realistically, running a meta-widget instance on our Android home screens which are fed by a Google Sheet (which in turn is fed by a IFTTT link to Monzo) reporting today’s budget balance & left-to-spend. Priceless.

I can’t wait either :grin: I have a few setup but the potential with those new triggers is huge.

More exciting for you though as at least I’ve had a small taste on my personal account, whereas I believe you’re 100% joint? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You’ll regret that. I have the notification turned on and it seems all the ISS does is go over my house

Yeah, I am 100% Joint. Confusingly, I infrequently use my personal account for work advances/expenses only so as to not confuse with my money in the JA. No point IFTTT being active on my PA!

I’ve toyed with and use IFTTT extensively with Nest & Hue lights though - it’s fantastic!

Your house must be huge.

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I’m so annoyed that my Nest protect is on IFTTT but my thermostat isn’t. Since Google stupidly stopped new signups I can’t utilise the home/away trigger which I had so much planned for :sob: