IFFTT savings pot change

Hi all,

It’s not directly Monzo help needed, but it is linked. Does anyone know how the change the location of an IFFTT pot? I currently have one going into my general savings, which must have been an old IFFTT pot, and I’d simply like to separate them.


Go to the IFTTT website/app and change the pot in the recipe.

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Thanks. It appears I can’t? Unless it’s staring me in the face

Cancel it and start again?

I don’t use the prebuilt ones so I have no idea where the option is but it can’t be that well hidden.

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I changed the pot my 1p savings challenge goes to recently.

I used the IFTTT app and I clicked the card,
then the settings cog,
then the “then” button with the tiny Monzo logo,
then configure. It gives you a drop down list of all your pots and you can pick one.

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