Pots are now on Android!

(Naji Esiri) #1

Android users with upgraded accounts can start using Pots!

Pots on Android slightly delayed 🍯
(Gareth) #2

Zero-amount pots were a bit unclear to begin with:

  • Choosing £0 does not let you create a pot, but there’s a skip button that does?
    I didn’t notice the first two times making pots, and the icon doesn’t make me think it is a skip (later later found the tooltip by holding it). I think :fast_forward: might be a better icon?
  • From the previous initial logic of “no way to create a £0 pot”, I assumed when a pot is emptied it would delete itself. Only after it did not and manual deletion prompts the message, did I look further

Why something seemingly so easy is so difficult?
Pots minimum amount?