Pots minimum amount?

(Scott) #1

Was there a specific reason why £5 is lowest you can deposit into pots? I’ve done over that but what if you just wanted to transfer a few quid?

Also an idea what would be good is to have an automatic save, so say you could set it for save £10 every week until cancelled :moneybag:

(Keri) #2

You can override the £5 and type anything in. So it doesn’t have to be a full amount :+1:

(Gareth) #3

Quoting myself in lazyness, feedback about £0 pots (click down arrow for formatting)

(Johnny Ellwood) #4

I was not aware of that! Thanks for pointing that out :grin:

(Scott) #5

That’s great thanks all :star_struck: oh and happy new year :tada:

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