Pots bug (Android)

I’ve just encountered a bug in my Monzo (Beta) app, whereby a rogue pot named ‘0’ has appeared… Which I’m unable to delete (a simple error message is displayed).

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Correction, the balance shows as 0 (no £ sign as usual). It is simply named ‘pot’

How odd. We should be able to remove this from our end — can you drop a message through in-app chat?

Sounds like your saved pots have somehow gotten a bit out of sync.
I would perhaps try logging out and logging back in (or re-installing the app), as that should re-build the saved list of pots.

Thanks for the quick reply. I raised it in the chat, apparently it’s something the engineers are aware of.

This worked a charm, thanks.

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@Bradley, @tristan and @kavi… I read this post earlier today and now I’ve just released I have the same issue. A pot with £0 and its name is called Pot.

After logging out and logging back in again, it disappears. I was unable to recreate the bug again though, so it’s no help, or it’s been fixed in a recent update.

I’m currently a Monzo beta user.