[Android] Create an empty pot when value set to zero

Not sure why I haven’t noticed before.

I went to create a pot to start saving in from next month and you have to have to add money for it to be created.

Granted the minimum is 1p but why can’t it be zero?

You can just skip the add money section, I have created a zero value pot before


Perhaps this is an Android issue?

iOS definitely doesn’t require anything to be added. Can either set the “How much would you like to deposit?” to £0 or as @Daniel.costin1990 said, you can just tap ‘skip’ in the top right corner.

It’s the same on Android. I don’t know why skip is hidden up there, it should be a button next to the add money button.


The most logical option would be to allow someone to add “£0” to the pot on creation to create an empty pot.

You can do this on iOS, but I don’t think you can on Android?

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Nope “Add to Pot” is greyed out for £0 on Android (latest Beta):


Skip - top right.

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Ohhh there is a skip button. It’s in the top right of your screenshot.

You should be able to set it as zero and the text on the button change to create.

It’s not very obvious up there!

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I’ve added this to the Android-iOS Parity wiki:


Cool :sunglasses: thank you :+1:

I think this thread is best to merge with an already existing thread that relates for example the one above. I don’t think a new thread is necessary for this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

That thread is about being able to change the type of a pot (standard to savings), which is not the same as the ability to create an empty pot by adding £0.

Two different ideas = two different threads. It’s easier to vote for ideas that way.


I got caught out by a slightly similar issue today. I was playing around with pots (having used Starling’s ‘Spaces’ features extensively) and was disappointed to see that Monzo would only let you add/withdraw rounded amounts.

This was until I tapped the actual figure by mistake and realised it opens up a field so you can enter exactly what you want. Would have saved me half an hour if they’d written a little tooltip on that page.

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