Pots are here on Monzo Beta!


I see these are called “Regular Pots”. Are there plans for bills attached to pots?

For example, my cell phone bill would pull from a cellphone bill pot. That way my available funds reflect only what I have not budgeted for.

Regardless, this is a huge update! Great work! I am excited.


We’ve got all sorts of ideas for expanding pots for our US customers - I think there’s certainly some cool things we can do in this area, like automatically debiting certain ACH payments from a pot. We’ll be publishing a roadmap of all our plans :soon:



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When I create a pot, it defaults to my UK account. Is there a way to designate it to my US Beta account?

Pull down your transaction feed:


Thanks! :pray:t2:

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I have both a US and UK monzo account currently (which I’m aware is a feature that’s in beta too). I cannot seem to set up a US pot as, when I click ‘create a pot’, it’s assuming I want it for GBP not USD. Is there a way I can get around this to have a pot in both currencies? Or is this not yet available in the US-UK beta?

See my post above:


We’re working on a way to make this clearer when you have UK and US accounts! Thanks for the feedback!



So if I put money in a pot, if there’s not enough money in my available balance will the transaction decline? I was hoping to use pots more like digital envelopes for me. For example my current account with Simple, I can set money aside and into “goals”, I assign most of my paychecks into these goals and when I make a purchase, it’ll go through even if there’s not enough money in my available balance (but theres enough in the money in my “goals”) and I can redirect those charges to come out of a goal account which will reflect my available balance back to normal.


Currently payments from pots is not supported in the US.

Payments from Pots in the UK only works for scheduled faster payments.

Monzo does not support ACH debit quite yet in the US.

Card payments do not come out of pots.

And as a result of all of the above, the payment will be declined, yes.

10000% agree with you Rylan! I’m in the same boat.

Can you please add some rules to save to Pots?
For example, instead of set amount, certain % of money can be saved.
Whenever one gets paid, he/she can save 10% to a particular pot.

Thanks so much for this request - this is something we’ve started to explore so I’d love to head more about what this might look like? Would you use this in a particular way or to save for something in particular?


I plan to use it for keeping the money separate for monthly expenses and short term savings in separate pots such as Emergency, insurance, heating, school, etc. This will allow me to stay on top of the safe amount to spend anytime without dipping into my savings portion.

Thanks @IslanderNY! These are all things we’d love Pots to be able to help you set money aside for, so it’s really exciting to hear you’re planning on using them for this! Is there a certain % you’d want to set aside for each of these things?
We couldn’t build Monzo without feedback like this, so please keep it coming :blue_heart:

I would like to see an user preferred percentage for each pot.
For example, I put aside the following % from each of my paycheck:
10% - Savings
3%- car

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