Pot history

Is there a way of seeing the detail of payments made into a pot? If I go to the point it tells me how much is in there in total and it tell me how many transactions and what the average transaction was but I really would like to be able to see the list of payments in and out. Is this possible?

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There isn’t a way to generate a statement that only shows transactions for a specific pot. However, if you search for the pot name, you will get a list of all the transactions relating to that pot. There are a few issues with this approach, but importantly, if your pot name isn’t unique, the search will bring up unrelated transactions.

You can on the new account page coming soon.

Here’s mine from the beta


Brilliant thanks!

Ohh this is nice.

They seem to have changed it from originally showing the original transaction to now the rounded up details :clap::clap:

Patiently waiting for this to come to ios :tada:

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