You know what really grinds my gears...Pots!

Hi folks,
Firstly, big fan of your work! However… couple of things:

  • Pots should show transaction history by default, as per the normal app. The history of my pot on a transaction by transaction basis is way more useful than the round up summary which is currently shown.
  • you should be able to add / remove money from a pot with a reference - just like you send money to another account with a reference
  • Finally, on the pot history screen withdrawals from the pot are shown as a green +, and additions to the pot are shown as a black number. This is surely the wrong way around? I think of a pot as a separate bank account so would expect these to be reversed…

Love pots but completely agree with all of these points.

Yeah ive been harping on about the pit feed being default for a while. Once the open banking credit cards come in a cant see why they wouldnt do it to bring it more in line with the other card views

You can press history to do no1?

I don’t want to be adding references, so if this was implemented, I hope that’s an option after the fact. these aren’t separate accounts, they are part of your account.

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Try turning on ‘Top Ups’ on a Pot and see what it does to the transaction history! You get the original transaction, not the amount of the top up! Hopeless.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Agree! I posted something similar a while ago about the transaction signs and colours and it didn’t get much traction. Shame

Can’t disagree with any of those points, all should be done

I think the one I really want is the transaction list

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Yeah, I agree!