Pot deposits that match pot goals

It would be great if when depositing into a pot, the amount that shows up is the same as the pot goal, instead of having to scroll from £100 or type a new value.

For example, I pay almost all my bills from pots, often these are not whole amounts, £12 here, £64 there etc.

I have pot goals set up for the bill amounts but when manually depositing funds, it always starts at £100, then I have to scroll through in £5 increments or type the actual amount. It would give me seconds of my life back if the deposit amount was the goal amount and I could just click yes.

I understand the salary sorter and scheduled deposits take away this niggle, but sometimes you just need to manually deposit an amount. This seems like such a simple thing to implement and I haven’t seen it mentioned before.

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What if my pot goal is £10,000 but I just want to add £25? Surely that would then inconvenience me more?

Just add a new button to that “add to pot” screen if the pot has a goal that says “match pot goal”, you press that, the amount changes to the amount needed to meet the goal. Bada-boom.


Whilst I can see why the OP may benefit from a change in coding, I doubt very much that it will benefit enough customers to even be worth the time of the Monzo engineers to look at it.

As OP identifies, it takes a second to tap on the £100 default and type in a new amount.

No need to mess with that imo.

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Personally, I’d prefer it if the default for deposits into a pot wasn’t always £5 – if I have <£5 available, it should be that. It’s so frustrating :sob:


I like that idea!

It’s not on mine.

My default has always been £100

It changes based on your balance I think.

I’m curious, why do you have a pot for each bill and you don’t combine them all into one?

It just makes more sense to me, I’m not a good budgeter and having all my bill pots separate just helps me to keep track and prioritise.
Some bills go out before payday and some after, some quarterly, some yearly, so occasionally I’ll need to dip into a bill pot that I know won’t be needed for a while, whereas if they were all in one pot, it would be harder to see what’s about to go out and what’s not going out for a while.

Just personal preference really, I guess that’s why it’s good to have options in the app that not everyone will see a need for.


Absolutely :slight_smile: I was just curious that’s all.

I guess I’m fortunate that all my bills are monthly and I’m paid monthly so I just dump a load of money in my bills pot on payday. I can then just forget about it and throughout the month bills are taken directly from it

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Same here, and to make it simple for me, I went overboard and changed all my bills due day to the same day (±1), 5 days after payday.

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