Add goal date to pots (like Goals in Simple)

Hi, Simpleton here.

I’d like to see a feature that Simple had, but in Monzo now that I’m making a switch. Add the equivalent to Goals in Simple–Basically, I’d like to see an option to add a date that you want to fill a pot by, and then be able to set an automated deposit every so often which will fill that pot by that date.

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That sounds like a great feature. It would be good if this post was in the Feedback section of the forum then users could vote for it! Can any admins move it?

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I know the US app is slightly different, but otherwise you could achieve this now (with a bit of maths)

I want £500 in my pot in 10 weeks time, set a recurring payment from your account to a pot to cover that.

Obviously that’s an option. I’d love if I didn’t have to think about it and could automate it to stop by that certain date, that was the main reason I went for simple. It made saving very accessible


I moved it myself

Aces! I’ve voted :blush:

I’ve wanted this on the UK account for ages.

OP might be able to confirm if I’m right in thinking that if you take any money out of the pot for any reason, Simple’s implementation would recalculate the next deposit(s) on the fly. With the manual method, and withdrawals would mean having to recalcuate the deposit amount in order to stay on target.

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Good point. That’s definitely something to be taken into consideration here

That would be the best! Simple didn’t do this. If you overspent, it would tell you by how much you needed to “catch up” your goal to get it back on track. It would be nice to have a “reset” button on a goal that was off track to recalculate the numbers based on how much money was in the pot vs time left to save. (If you wanted to get your goal back on track in simple, you had to click “catch up” or delete the goal and start over, which was dumb.)

This was my favorite and most used feature of Simple!! I loved the set it and forget it approach of entering X amount by Y date, and then when that date came the money was ready