Monzo and a postcode bug

So I had to change my address on Monzo recently. No big deal I assumed

I changed it on Tescos. Santander. Bills etc. Without any issue with the postcode

When I tried to change it on Monzo it didn’t recognise it which I thought was weird

And the reason aparently was that you need one of your neighbours to sign up for Monzo to recognise the postcode

Surely this can’t be true, can it?

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If your neighbour was the first with Monzo they would be in the same boat!

Your screen shot doesn’t say that. Are you extrapolating that from what’s been said?

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What was the workaround?

You put in a fake postcode then manually fill in your address

If it’s in a new build area, this is an issue with many service providers. If not, it’s just one of those system things.

“Please sign up for Monzo - I’ll cut your grass for a year”


How would you interpret it?

It may be a case of me misinterpreting it

No it is in the centre of London. The house dates back to 1924 actually so definitely not a new build or near a new build area

I did state that everyone else was able to recognise the postcode as well

Sound like the postcode auto fill is looking at pre existing customer postcodes and not the database of all uk postcodes. It used to work, so as they say it’ll be fixed at some stage soon

I know, but some services are on top of it, smaller ones not so much. Given where you live it’s one of those Monzo bugs. Hope you’re sorted now :slightly_smiling_face:

Was more curious how long it has been going on?

Chat wouldn’t say

Dunno, you’re the first to mention it on the forum so probably not that long

I had the same issue with Chip. My house is over 100 years old.

Same workaround.

You have probably tried, but try the postcode with a space and without.

Yeah I did think of that but sadly no dice

Does the postcode come up correctly on the Royal Mail website?

Yes and as stated work on other websites including another bank

In that case then I’m not sure why Monzo say it is a bug and you just have to wait for it to be fixed. They should have a way, at least on their end to just manually override it.