Postcode Lottery ๐Ÿ“ฎ

Do you play Postcode Lottery?
If yes, how many tickets in a draw? :grin::tickets:

I have 4 tickets in draw :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:

Today was verrrrrry close to pick up ยฃ1k, but was one letter away :sob:

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But managed to pick up ยฃ10 yesterday (again) with Kensington Palace postcode (twice in 2 months) :european_castle::sweat_smile:

Every time I hear โ€œpostcode lotteryโ€ I can only think of someone in this town not getting the medical treatment someone in that town does

Quite a bold bit of naming to fly close to that sun


I used to play the postcode lottery - never won more than ยฃ10, but they could be knocking on my door, I should play it again

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I think they need help

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Did you understand what they were asking you to check? I only ask because I donโ€™t. R-

Iโ€™d say it looks like a production error to load all the people that play and that email to developers/IT has gone to all customers instead.


Oh dear oh dear. Iโ€™m not sure whatโ€™s worse, the fact the system automatically send the error email to everyone, not just the tech team that deals with it, or the fact their player database is a csv file (which it names - ideal if you are trying to do a penetration attack)

Thereโ€™s going to be some red faces internally, Iโ€™ll bet.


Seems like an error youโ€™d get when it fails to parse the customer database file, why itโ€™s in .cab format Iโ€™m not sure

Iโ€™ve tweeted the same image at them 2 hours ago to no response

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It means they need more competent IT staff