Pick My Postcode Lottery

As a sharing community I thought I would share this website

Not going to lie, I would get some money in my bonus pot if I were to ever win but it’s still worth doing.

So you sign up with your e-mail and postcode and that’s it.

Every day, at lunch time a new postcode is picked for the draws and will stay up for 24 hours. The only downside is that you have to check the site every day, they will not email you if you’ve won as they make their money out of advertising revenue. I’ve been checking this site for so long it has become part of my lunchtime routine.

The most I have seen won in one go is £2,500. My mum and sister have also both won a tenner each from this.

So that’s my plug. Win money by checking a lottery site for free and see if your postcode comes up :slight_smile:

Enjoy (don’t forget to click on the referral link please :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Obvious question in this day and age: any privacy concerns? Is this just a trick to associate your email & postcode to your online advertising profile, with 800£ as bait?

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I would click but I’m already signed up - wish I could say I’ve won something, but I haven’t unfortunately…been signed up for about 7 months and check every day :frowning_face:

But, it’s free so I guess I can’t complain :man_shrugging: …at least it’s not like the actual postcode lottery (don’t get me started on that).


None whatsoever. They will admit that advertising is a major source of revenue but in one of their draws (survey draw) they actually asked me yesterday if I would be ok with them giving my personal information to another company if it meant the prize money in my area would go up. I said no.

They have various privacy options that are available in a big green button at the bottom of your account:


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Been on this for years and never won :rofl:


My last successful referral was back in 2015…which shows how long since I’ve been checking it! Got a £40 bonus pot but no luck as of yet.

My mum and sister won and it annoyed me because this is the second time I’ve recommended a money driven service (the other one was a chat app called Tengi that no longer exists) and it’s the second time they have both won money and I have not :tired_face:

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Just realised…I’m an idiot, moved house 3 weeks ago and didn’t change my postcode :man_facepalming:

If I can set up a new account with a new postcode then you’ll get a referral :+1: (I think they do accounts based on postcode, don’t they?)

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I was on this for a few months about 2yrs ago.
Gave up checking as I didn’t see it being a worthwhile enterprise and just feels scammy.

No it’s based on your account. You could switch your postcode easily. You could theoretically set it against a completely random one. I’ve changed address’ twice on the same account. Somewhere in your settings.

Fair enough. Like my sister and mum have won money from this which is pain in through PayPal so I don’t believe it is a scam.

But chances of winning are minimal, like any lottery. For the sake of 5 minutes a day and being free I just think why not?

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I’m already on the big standard postcode lottery.

Someone’s knocking on your door, someone’s ringing your bell :notes:

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Is that the one you pay for? Peoples Postcode Lottery isn’t it?

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