Referral/Golden Ticket Scheme

I’ve just had a friend successfully sign up using a golden ticket I sent her over a month ago. She spent on her card this morning - I got a notification she’d joined… she text me to say thank you for the referral and the free £5.

Where was my £5?

I contacted help to be told the referral scheme has been changed and the referER no longer gets £5, only the referEE.

Big shout out to Jack who helped me, and was very kind and credited me with £5 as my invite was sent before the changes had been made. He explained that the decision has been made to change this as people were abusing the system.

Does anyone know how and when this was announced? I hadn’t heard anything - which is worrying as more people are likely to get this nasty surprise.

Also, is anyone able to shed any light on how this system was being abused? Would be interesting to know.

It’s a massive shame as it’s a huge incentive to people to get their friends to sign up.

I knew about this because I saw it on the forum (about a month ago maybe?). I’m not sure I’ve seen it anywhere else, though.

People making Facebook adverts / Google Adverts in order to get referrals.

I don’t think this is the sole reason it has been shut down though, I think we’re being experimented with somewhat.

I sent two referral invites before the scheme was changed.

I’ve received one. The other has yet to spend some money so that we both get the money. Though that now looks like I won’t get the referral incentive. :neutral_face:

Looking at the Monzo app, it says that the number of referrals I made puts me in the top one per cent of referrers!!! …but I’ve only received £10 as most of those referrals were before they started the scheme. :roll_eyes:

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I sent a code on Sunday thinking a nice wee fiver was coming my way :frowning:

Why bother referring then?

Fiver is neither here nor there though in reality.

Out of interest, does anyone think we could do something different with the referral scheme that would work? I’ve wondered for a while if maybe doing something to increase multiple referrals would work better, like something awesome when you hit 5 or 10.

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Refer x amount of people and get x months of Monzo plus free of charge.

Although saying that, with the changes to Plus there aren’t really any benefits that could be used in the short term. I am hopeful for an Entertainment plus bundle with reduced subscription charges for things like Prime or Netflix so that could always still work.

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Could we work towards merch? Socks, water bottles the ever elusive mug?

Be ace if you got a “stamp” for every referral and you could add that stamp to something of your choosing say a merch section, or towards discounted plus or even a monetary reward, all segments having tiered reward systems.


I fully support this! Stamps for referrals or even a forum badge or a special Monzo app icon :heart_eyes: